Picture a sandy beach stretching as far as your eyes can see, the most perfect weather and an island hideaway straight out of a fantasy. Our home for Hard Island Australia is the amazing Gold Coast and the McLaren’s Landing Resort on the tropical South Stradbroke Island.

Useful information


Our venue for Hard Island Australia 2018 is the McLaren’s Landing resort, situated on South Stradbroke Island. This Balinese-inspired resort has hosted thousands of revelers over the years, due to its fantastic positioning on a stretch of glimmering sand, with the sound of the azure waters lapping on its doorstep. Here is where Hard Island will make its home for the first time ever in Australia.


A stunning island paradise surrounded by sparkling waters, South Stradbroke Island is a picturesque sand isle known as one of the most sought after natural wonders to discover, relax, and party on. Home to a host of species of indigenous animals like the golden swamp wallaby, we can’t think of a better place to situate Hard Island Australia 2018 than this forested utopia.


Known to some as the “Miami Beach” of Australia, the city of Gold Coast is renowned as Australia’s sun-soaked beachside city that draws incredible crowds of seasoned partygoers all year round. This world-class metropolitan hub of decadence is the setting where all of Hard Island Australia’s guests will find their accommodation, and the departure location for our daily journey over water to McLaren’s Landing on South Stradbroke Island.


The world’s largest island, and the only continent on the planet that is also only one country, Australia is bordered on all sides by thousands of some of the planet’s most stunning beaches along its 14,500km coastline and is home to some of the friendliest people on Earth.


During Hard Island Australia, we’ll more than likely be blessed with the stunning weather this stretch of Australia is known for – blue skies, warm weather, and water temperatures perfect for swimming. October is known for having extremely few rainy days, and with average temperatures in the 20ºC – 28ºC ranges during the day on average. If you ask us, perfect for soaking up some rays on white sand beach, with the music of Hard Island Australia 2018 providing the soundtrack.

Basic info

Time zone: GMT +10

Area code: +61

Police: 000 (or 112)

Southport police station: +61 7 5571 4222

Fire department: 000 (or 112)

Ambulance: 000 (or 112)

Cab: +61 131 008

Road assistance: +61 1800 466 334

Currency and exchange rates

Currency = Australian DOLLAR (AUD)

1 EURO = $1.41 (AUD)

1 Schweizer FRANKEN = $1.31 (AUD)

1 Canadian DOLLAR = $1.00 (AUD)

1 U.S. DOLLAR = $1.26 (AUD)

1 Japanese YEN = $0.11 (AUD)

NOTE: Exchange rates are merely informative. We do not offer exchange services or guarantee these exchange rates.


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