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Please scroll down and read the full Festival Terms & Conditions before purchasing a festival ticket, package and/or any other services. For Terms & Conditions of our official ticketing provider GoNParty, please click here.

By purchasing a festival ticket for Hard Island Australia 2018 ("Festival") and/or any other services, directly or via our sales channels, visitors automatically agree with the Terms and Conditions adopted by Hard Island Pty Ltd, Suite 10.03, Level 10, 70 Pitt Street Sydney, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia, ACN 619804330, ABN 60619804330 (“Organizer” or “us”).

Not Allowed Objects

It is not allowed to enter the Festival with the following objects: animals (except guide-dogs), own food and drinks, spray cans, drugs, glass, cans, plastic bottles, weapons, football club flags, sticks, walking sticks (medical crutches and devices excepted), banners, items with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions, blunt, stab or thrust weapons or firearms or other items that might be used as a weapon, items that might have a negative effect on the safety, health or wellbeing of the festival-goers, spray cans, fireworks, liquids, torches and any other item which may be considered as dangerous by the organisation. The security team and Festival team members have the last word in case of discussion. You can be body-searched upon arrival. 


Every visitor needs to show respect to all locations and venues where the Festival takes place. Tearing, breaking or any other form of destruction of the objects and decoration will result in the removal from the festival. Access will be denied for the remainder of the Festival and possibly indefinitely. 


We believe in a sustainable future. That’s why we care for people & our planet. Please minimize the waste and handle it properly during your stay. Natural and cultural sights are priceless and can not be restored if destroyed. We as the organisation and you as the visitor have full responsibility to keep the environment intact. That’s why we want to warn all our visitors to help us to keep the venues and surrounding areas as clean as possible. Let’s reduce our waste and recycle if in any way possible. Do not throw waste or cigarettes on the groud, and especially not in nature, same goes for any other inflamable objects, such as lighters, spray cans, certain types of cosmetics etc. The climate is very hot in Australia, so you can cause a fire that destroys vegetation, kills animals and puts human lives in danger! 

Zero Tolerance drugs policy

Hard Island at all its locations and venues conducts an absolute zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs! It is forbidden to use, deal and/or to be in possession of drugs on all locations and venues of the Festival. If you are caught using and/or dealing drugs or if you are found in possession of drugs, you will be forced to leave the Festival. We will keep a keen eye out to make sure that everyone adheres to this rule. This policy is rigorously enforced and in relevant cases means handing over to the Police. Before entering the Festival please dispose of any drugs you may have, without any further consequences. Directions and instructions of the (security) personnel should be followed immediately. In case of suspicion or actual possession of illegal or dangerous weapons, security is authorised to stop you. 

Publicity and promotion

It is prohibited to distribute flyers, expose posters or use any kind of promotional material during the Festival, unless agreed othewise in writing. No promotional material is allowed at any of Festival locations and venues nor in the surrounding area.


The Festival takes place in multiple locations and venues, all of which are secured by police and/or third party security services. Even though we are not reposible or liable for their actions, we work together to provide maximum security for all our visitors. Outside of the Festival the local police is responsible for both safety and security of visitors and local inhabitants.


1.1 Anyone attending the Festival at any of the locations where it takes place declares to have accepted these Terms and Conditions by purchasing a festival ticket. 

1.2 The Festival takes place at various locations, all of which will hereafter be reffered to with “Festival” 

1.3 Anyone who fails to abide by these Terms and Conditions may be denied admission to the Festival or may be expelled from it. Non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions gives the organisation the right to deny admission to the Festival indefinitely. 

1.4 The website of the Festival, its entire content including these Terms and Conditions (hereafter “Website”), as well as all other documents and published and printed material, can be amended and overrided at any time without prior notice.


2.1 Anyone who wishes to enter the Festival must possess a valid festival bracelet. 

2.2 A festival bracelet grants one (1) person admission on the day or days of the Festival program for which an admission ticket is purchased. All visitors possessing a festival bracelet or special admission voucher enter the Festival at their own risk. 

2.3 The minimum age for entry to Festival is 18 years. Age will be checked at the entrance(s) by inspecting proof of identity documents. There will be no exception to this rule. 

2.4 Daily Festival tickets will only be available at the entrance to Festival venue in case of not selling out presale tickets or in case of a higher number of cancellations after sold out declaration. Furthermore, daily tickets only grant access for one day.

2.5 Forging Festival tickets or bracelets is subject to criminal prosecution.


3.1 Festival tickets or bracelets can be neither refunded nor exchanged for another type of ticket. 

3.2 In case of damage or improper tightness of bracelet, the visitor needs to provide more than half of the broken bracelet in order to receive a replacement. Replacements will be issued at the discression of the Hard Island team members.


4.1 All bracelets will be checked by security or Hard Island staff prior to entering a location or venue or a boat party. 

4.2 The Organiser and official ticketing and travel agency GoNParty reserve the right to verify the identity of visitors upon entering the Festival. Visitor who does not possess a valid proof of identity will be denied admission to the Festival without entitlement to a refund of the entrance fee. Valid proofs of identity are: a valid ID card, passport or driver’s license. Copies of proofs of identity are not accepted. 

4.3 The official ticketing provider GoNParty will send the official Hard Island Voucher, a digital document that is proof of purchasing a ticket, by email to the payee of the order, normally up to 60 days from the time of completed booking but no later than 24 hours before the start of the Festival. Once the Voucher is sent, it is no longer possible to change it’s content and upgrades can be done only at our discression. 

4.4 Loss or theft of a bracelet will not give entitlement to a refund of the entrance fee from Hard Island, while the visitor may be offered a possibility to purchase a replacement, at our discression.


5.1 Admission to Hard Island is prohibited or may be refused or denied (without entitlement to a refund of the entrance fee) if a visitor (the following list is non-exhaustive):
- is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
- is in the possession of or deals in drugs;
- was previously refused admission to other events / meetings by the Organiser or other authorities;
- shows behaviour which manifestly hints at an intention to disturb the peace or to provoke, by inciting to violence, hate, rage, etc.;
- puts the lives of other visitors at risk;
- is in the possession of banned objects;
- refuses to be searched/patted down by security personnel;
- refuses or fails to abide by these Terms and Conditions


6.1 All visitors may be searched or patted down by security personnel before being allowed admission to the Festival. 

6.2 Security personnel may ask all visitors to be subject to a pat down search and/or search of their clothes and luggage in order to intercept banned objects. If any banned objects are found, the security personnel will be entitled to confiscate the object and turn it over to the local authorities, with possibility to refuse the owner thereof admission to the festival.


7.1 Inspection at the entrance(s) will be in accordance with the applicable laws and is aimed at finding banned objects which, if brought on the Festival, may put the proper course of the Festival at risk or otherwise endanger the safety of the public. 

7.2 The following objects may not be brought into the Festival:
- own food and drinks;
- drugs or other mind-enhancing substances;
- deodorant or perfume in large bottles or containers;
- projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gas form;
- flammable products or materials & aerosol cans;
- pyrotechnical objects (fireworks, torches, etc.);
- all weapons and other potentially hazardous or sharp objects (sticks, chains, knives, etc.);
- banners or other objects with discriminatory and/or provocative texts and/or expressions that may be used to disturb the peace, put the safety of the other visitors at risk, and/or damage goods and injure people;
- animals (except guide dogs);
- drones;
- promotional material;
- any other objects (umbrellas, parasols, camera tripods, laser pens, etc. …) for which the security decides that they pose a risk to the other visitors of the Festival or are in any way inappropriate to be brought into the Festival;

7.3 The following objects may be brought into the Festival:
- guide dogs for visually challenged people;
- medical crutches and devices;
- disposable or compact photo cameras;
- sun screen, cosmetic products, deodorant in containers of up to 100ml;
- refreshers / vaporisers, small bag packs and other bags;
- 'selfie-sticks', with a maximum length of 1 meter in extended position and solely intended for taking pictures;
- swimming suits and/or extra clothes;
- mobile phones & chargers;
- hats and/or other kinds of sun protection;
- cigarettes;
- disposable lighters;
- flags;
- beach Towels;
- sunglasses.


8.1 Visitors are not allowed to:
- enter zones to which the admission bracelet does not allow admission (VIP, SuperVIP, press area, backstage, etc.);
- climb on constructions, fences, light bridges, benches, or any other structures at Hard Island locations and venues;
- block entrances, exits and emergency exits;
- disguise themselves in order to make themselves unrecognisable with the intention to disturb the peace or put the safety of the other visitors at risk;
- sell food, drinks or other products without the express permission of the Organiser;
- throw or shoot objects in solid, liquid or gas form;
- smoke where smoking is banned;
- urinate in public;
- wear full facial coverings (masks, morph suits, etc.);
- park a vehicle at the VIP parking of clubs at Zrce Beach. Vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense;
- tearing down, breaking, or trashing decorations;
- make fires;
- crowd surf.


9.1 Wearing texts, symbols, objects, clothes and/or other (visible) external expressions explicitly representing a political, social movement or group is strictly prohibited. Anything that hints of discrimination, incitement, or racism is strictly prohibited.


10.1 To ensure the public order and safety during the festival, all those present at the Festival are obliged to obey the instructions and directions given by the Organiser, the Festival staff, security team or the persons designated to give instructions or directions on the Festival locations and venues at all time.


11.1 For safety reasons the Organiser reserves the right to without prior notice:
- to interrupt or discontinue the festival;
- to prevent visitors from leaving the festival until further notice;
- to ask visitors to leave the Festival;
- to refuse visitors admission to the Festival, even if they possess a valid admission ticket or bracelet.

11.2 The Organiser may find himself forced to change or alter the festival programme. In this event the admission ticket will remain valid but no entrance fee will be refunded or exchanged.


12.1 All visitors declare that they have been informed that the Organiser collects data for promotional and security reasons. The Organiser may use the personal data obtained through the selling of the admission tickets for promotional reasons. All personal records are used in compliance with legislature on the protection of privacy. 

12.2 By entering the Festival all visitors automatically consent to being photographed and/or filmed and to the resulting digital images being used or broadcast by the Organiser without compensation to the visitor(s). The Organiser may use these digital images for promotional and/or commercial purposes related to promoting the brand Hard Island, including with regard to all commericial and media partners. These images may be furthermore recorded and stored by the police and/or the Organiser in connection with maintaining and enforcing the safety on the festival and the prevention, tracing and punishing of crimes and breaches of the Terms and Conditions through identification on the basis of these digital images. 

12.3 The Festival locations and venues may be under CCTV surveillance in conformity with the corresponding legislature. 

12.4 If a visitor objects to his/her personal data being used for promotional and commercial purposes, he/she may submit, at no cost, a written request to the Organiser to stop this use. All visitors may furthermore request the Organiser in writing to change or modify their personal data. 

12. 5 Visitors are not allowed to use pictures taken and/or films made by them at the Festival for commercial or publicity purposes without the prior written permission of the Organiser.


13.1. Many areas surrounding the Festival locations and venues are beautiful and important natural and cultural attractions. All visitors are consequently obliged to help keep the enviroment intact, safe and clean. Harming the environment and/or causing any kind of damage may be subject to criminal prosecution.


14.1. Tickets for the Festival can only be purchased on the official Website or other official sales channels listed on our Website. Tickets that are obtained in a different manner may be cancelled at all times. Do not purchase your tickets through unofficial channels! 

14.2. Ticketing services are provided by GoNParty, the offical ticketing provider and travel agency of the Festival. Terms and Conditions of GoNParty apply.


15.1 Accommodation packages and similar travel services can be booked directly on our Website (subject to availability) and other official sales channels listed on our Website. Services booked through unoffical channels are invalid and will not be processed. All photos on the website are symbolic and do not necessarily represent final provided services.

15.2. Just like ticketing services, all travel services such as accommodations, transfers, local support and similar is provided by GoNParty.


16.1 Boat parties can be held on small and medium size boats. Admission to any of the boat parties is not included in the festival ticket and must be purchased separately.

16.2. Boat parties are organised in cooperation with companies that operate the boats and those companies are solely responsible for the organisation and safety of the event. All visitors of Boat parties agree to obide by the rules and instructions from the operator of the cruise boat. Further more, all visitors agree to understand that Hard Island team members will do their best to provide the best experience, but the Organiser is not liable for the quality and safety of the Boat parties.


17.1 The distribution of flyers, exposing posters or using any other kind of promotional material at the Festival is strictly prohibited.


18.1 The Festival applies a zero-tolerance policy with regard to drugs. 

18.2 Entering with-, using-, dealing in- or possessing drugs at the Festival is strictly prohibited and considered criminal activity. Proof of drug activity can be found through strict surveillance and inspection and the person(s) involved will be expelled from the Festival and may be denied admission indefinitely, as well as be criminally prosecuted by the authorities.

18.3 If a visitor is prescribed certain drugs for health reasons, he/she must present a valid medical certificate before being allowed to bring the specific drugs to the Festival. 

18.4 All directions and instructions given by the Festival staff or security must be obeyed immediately. If possession of banned or dangerous objects is suspected, the security personnel will be entitled to make a search. Refusal to submit to a search may result in being expelled from the Festival.


19.1 Disabled visitors can access most Hard Island locations and venues and may be accompanied by up to two persons with free entry. Where access is not easy for disabled persons, they will be assisted by the Festival staff to the extent of their best ability. If access for some reason will not be possible, Hard Island will not be held liable in any form or capacity.

19.2. Disabled visitors may be asked for proof of their medical condition.


20.1 The Organiser is solely liable for direct damage suffered by a visitor that is directly and solely caused by a breach on the part of the Organiser. However, only damage for which the Organiser is insured for, under condition and amount of which the insurer pays out the claim, is eligible for compensation (in the appropriate share if applicable). Excluded from compensation are: (i) consequential damage, (ii) immaterial damage, and (iii) damage intentionally caused by the visitor or as a result of his/her recklessness. 

20.2 All visitors enter the Festival at their own risk. The Organiser does not accept any liability for damage caused by entering the location(s) and/or venue(s), which includes but is not limited to loss of hearing, loss of vision, or other physical impairments. 

20.3 The Festival takes place at various locations or venues during the festival hours, including but not limited to: clubs, bars, boats, hotels, hotels, pool facilites and beach facilities. All visitors enter these locations at their own discression and risk and will respect and accept the rules and conditions of each location or venue. The Organiser will not be held liable in any form or capacity for problems, damage, injuries no matter how severe or even death, which occured at or caused by the location or venue.


21.1 The Organiser may cancel or postpone the Festival in the event of force majeure or if the Organiser has another compelling reason to cancel or postpone the Festival. Force majeure includes but is not limited to: terrorist threats, terrorist attacks, poor weather conditions, strikes, fire, war, government intervention, epidemics, artists falling ill, failure of and/or delays in technical facilities, failure of and/or delays in means of transport, etc.


22.1 These Terms and Conditions are exclusively governed by and will be interpreted in accordance with appropriate legislature.

22.2 Any disputes will be exclusively referred to the court under the statutory rules on jurisdiction.

22.3. The Organiser will nevertheless be entitled to submit a claim before the court that would have jurisdiction under the statutory rules on jurisdiction. 

22.4 If any provision in these Terms and Conditions, or any part thereof is, or is declared, invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions or the remaining part of that provision will remain in full force and this provision will be automatically replaced (by operation of law) by a valid provision that corresponds with the purport of the invalid provision as much as possible.



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